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Versant? is an easy and affordable English language test which can be used for course placement, progress monitoring, and language training programs.?

Do you need to test?writing, reading,?listening,?and?speaking in order to to place your students at the correct level for language training classes? Then the Pearson Versant? Placement Test is the solution you’re looking for.


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Versant? at a glance

Versant??is a straightforward, online, fully automated test of English. It has been specially designed to evaluate English language learners’ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.?

Based on speech-processing technology and advanced linguistics, the Versant? English Placement Test is used in academic institutions, private language schools and corporate training programmes throughout the world to evaluate the English skills of students or staff.

Versant? places a candidate’s skills on the CEFR scale as well as the GSE, making the score and their skills more transparent and precise.

Versant??can be used alongside any English teaching material.

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The Versant??English Placement Test?takes only 50 minutes and the results are available online within minutes of completion, allowing for quick, yet accurate, placement decisions.

Tested Skills

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

Versant? is suitable for

Language schools that need to place students at the right level before assigning them to a class.

Universities and higher education institutes that need to screen their candidates’ level of English.

Companies and recruitment agencies that need to gauge the level of their employees’/candidates’ English.

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