Teacher Development Interactive (TDI)


Teacher Development Interactive?is a video-based, online teacher development program that gives new teachers and teachers looking for a refresher a really strong foundation in teaching methodology.

What is TDI?

TDI, Teacher Development Interactive, is a professional and affordable online course for ELT teachers. It provides teachers with a solid foundation and ongoing professional development, so they can develop their skills while they’re working. When you successfully complete all four models, you receive a First TEFL Certificate from Hunter College, City University of New York.

Key features:

  • based on instruction from recognized experts,
  • offers a flexible programme that fits teachers’ busy schedules,
  • explores real teaching techniques in practice,
  • builds on teachers’ experience in practice.

TDI is:

  • For self-study:?learn at your own pace and monitor your progress with the online grade book.
  • Facilitated online:?you’ll be supported by an online facilitator who guides the class and reviews your written assignments.
  • Available with 6 modules:?ELT Fundamentals (Douglas Brown), Listening (Jack Richards), Speaking (Allen Ascher), Reading (Jeremy Harmer), Fundamentals of Teaching Young Learners (Diane Pinkley & David Nunan), and Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) Preparation (Susan Hillyard & Maria Victoria Saumell)

Each TDI lesson includes:

  • Clear learning objectives
  • Video presentations by ELT experts
  • Real “model lessons” on video
  • Practical application tasks
  • Interactive activities
  • Ongoing assessment
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