Speakout 2nd edition

General English course material

CEFR: A1 - C1+

GSE: 22 - 88

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Developed in association with BBC Worldwide and BBC Learning English, Speakout is all about motivating students to start using English through the use of authentic BBC content, interesting topics and other versatile material.

Speakout at a glance

Speakout bridges the gap between the classroom and the real word not only through inclusion of motivating material, but also through carefully planned strategies for improved speaking and listening skills.

  • You will find 90-120 hours of teaching materials with a large variety of useful resources.
  • The Speakout content is all about motivation. The books are visually attractive, clearly laid out and enriched with authentic material from the BBC.
  • Integrated skills – activities and lessons include at least three skills, so the English you teach goes far beyond simple repetition.
  • Grammar?is presented in context?so students can see language in action and understand how and when it is used.
  • Workbook – available with or without answers, can be used as a self-study tool to add extra flexibility to your lessons.
  • Teacher’s book – the logical and accessible book with ready-made lesson plans provides clear and helpful references to the CEFR for each activity.
  • Active Teach software – the full student’s book and the audio and video content on the digibord help students to stay motivated and engaged with the teacher.
  • Two additional Plus levels offer you the option to extend the time spent studying Intermediate and/or advanced to help your students move along the plateau effectively. It gives you the opportunity to give students completely new material, as well as new course for new students who are placed at the upper end of B1 and/or C1.

In the 2nd edition

  • Updated content: new BBC videos, listening and reading material.
  • Revised, more accessible vocabulary syllabus.
  • Fresh new design: clearer pages, less colour, more eye-friendly print.
  • Broader range of text sources, including more non-BBC material.
  • Additional support and practice, plus extra activities to make the best of the BBC video material.

Additional levels:

  • Intermediate Plus helps students progress along the Intermediate plateau
  • Advanced Plus exposes students to the authentic language that is at the heart of Advanced level learning

Speakout Flexi

Speakout offers extra?flexibility?with the split edition, so you can choose a shorter or longer course. It's a perfect solution for shorter (summer) courses.



GSE: 22 - 32




GSE 68 - 79

CEF B2+ - C1




GSE: 27 - 39

CEFR: A1 - A2


Advanced Plus

GSE 74 - 88

CEF C1 - C2



GSE: 36 - 46

CEF: A2 - B1




GSE 46 - 58

CEFR B1 - B1+


Intermediate Plus

GSE 52 - 60

CEFR B1+ - B2


Upper Intermediate

GSE 57 - 68

CEF B2 - B2+