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Millions of potential employees take business English tests each year. They spend hundreds of euros on study courses, aiming for high scores in reading and listening. But they are not measured for speaking and writing, using professional English communication skills.

Would you like to assess student’s ability to proficiently function within global business setting and measure all skills in business context? Then the PTE Professional??test is the solution you’re looking for.?


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PTE Professional? at a glance

If you’re preparing your students for a future careers in the competitive business market, consider giving them a serious head start with the PTE Professional??exam.

PTE Professional? - 100% computer-based exam - fills the need for a test that measures business English language capabilities accurately and efficiently. It mirrors real-world situations in which employees have to understand and respond to various work demands in an accurate and effective way.

It comprehensively tests all four pillars of the English language:

  • speaking
  • listening
  • reading
  • and writing

The exam specifically measures the ability to apply English to typical workplace tasks and situations such as email responses, presentations, telephone calls and customer interactions.

PTE Professional? measures a widerange of language capabilities, including advanced skills. Aimed toward individuals whose first language is not English, PTE Professional? is an effective way to assess an individual’s ability to proficiently function within global business settings that require strong English communication skills.

PTE Professional? :

is tested at the designated test centers and it takes only 120 minutes. The results are available online within five business days of completion.

is correlated with CEFR

is fully automated

is reliable and prestigious

Test purpose

Hire employees who can fully communicate in business English.

Certify that business English training was highly effective.

Evaluate staff for advancement and overseas assignments.

Compete better for and win global management positions.

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