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When you use Placement, you can spend the first week of class engaging with your students, not marking their test papers.

Do you need to test your students’?writing,?reading,?listening,?grammar?and?vocabulary skills? Would you like to be able to test a number of students simultaneously, aided by an automated, adaptive test that is easy to administer? Then the ELT Placement test is the solution you need!


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Placement at a glance

Placement is an easy, online, fully automated test of English.

It's designed specifically to measure language proficiency. It employs a part adaptive method.?Part of the test uses an adaptive algorithm which takes a learner’s answers to a previous question to select the most suitable question to present next.

Placement selects these items from a large item bank making each learner’s experience different. The adaptive nature of the test allows Placement to quickly and accurately estimate a learner’s English proficiency.

Placement is used by school and institutions that need a quick no fuss test that measures students writing, reading, listening, speaking, vocabulary and grammar.

Placement can be used alongside any English teaching material.

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The Placement test?takes only 35 minutes and the results are available online within minutes of completion, allowing for quick, yet accurate, placement decisions.

Tested skills:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary

Placement is suitable for

Language schools that need to place students at the right level before assigning them to a class.

State schools that require reliable assessment tool.

Universities and higher education institutes that want to screen their candidates’ level of English.

Companies and recruitment agencies that need to gauge the level of their employees’/candidates’ English.

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