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Pearson Online English is a selection of authentic, thematic units and activities to practice general or business English. ?It provides opportunity to work on speaking, writing, reading and listening on all levels of proficiency and it’s supported by online feedback tool delivered by specialized language tutors. It’s perfect whenever you have students who need to self-study.


Main features

Whether students’ goal is to use English in business environment, prepare for standardized tests, improve it for socializing or any other activity they will find a selection of appropriate units for their language needs. Pearson Online English allows them to activate three units at once, and complete as many units as they wish during the semester. At the end of each unit, they can take an achievement test to demonstrate what they have learned. The content is constantly updated.

Pearson Online English:

  • is available on any online device, also as an app,
  • has 25 units,
  • each unit has 18 lessons,
  • each lesson has 3 to 4 activities,
  • at the end of each unit there is an assessment test,
  • is suitable for all levels beginners to advanced.

How does it measure progress?

An automated tool provides analytics and progress reports and gives learners the ability to track their daily performance and focus on the skills they need to improve.

There are summaries and granular data available, giving teachers, administrators, and managers the insight they need to understand their learners' performance and engagement with their course. Then, every three months, students take the Pearson Proficiency Assessment (PPA) to measure how much they have improved.?

What's in each unit?

Each thematic unit consists of 18 lessons, which are based on a specific piece of content (an article, a video interview, blog post, an image, etc.).

Each lesson consists of three or four interactive, task-based activities designed to reinforce what has been learned and highlight areas that need improvement. There’s word bank available for students to practice whenever they need it, as well as an in-depth grammar guide with real-work examples to learn grammar covered in each lesson and practice grammatical structures.

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