New Language Leader

Academic English

GSE 24 - 82


New Language Leader’s unique methodology is suitable for students who need to prepare for future study at college or university or take English classes alongside their other subjects. The practical topics help students to master English and to use language in complex and demanding situations.

New Language Leader is the ideal choice for universities or university pathway institutions looking to develop rounded, high-flying students who excel in their studies.

New Language Leader Intermediate

New Language Leader at a glance

The key to New Language Leader’s success is that the course combines a general English syllabus with academic English and exam preparation. What’s more, it offers thought-provoking topics, sophisticated study skills and plenty of chances to practise with MyEnglishLab.

  • Level?– correlated with CEF regulations.
  • Methodology?– based on a communicative, academic approach to learning English that’s enriched with study-skills activities.
  • Content?– clever topics that appeal to slightly older, academic students. The activities are challenging and texts are thought-provoking
  • Contemporary topics and issues develop students’ critical thinking and 21st Century Skills.

Unique features

Meet the Expert video interviews with professionals and academics bring topics to life and show students how English is used in real-life situations.

Scenario lessons?are offered in which students can practise working on the kinds of projects they’ll encounter in their future studies.

Study skills?videos?provide useful guidelines for study and examples of best practice. Study-skills experts encourage students to develop the skills they’ll need for presentations, lectures and discussions.

New Language Leader Elementary


GSE 24 - 36

CEF A1 - A2

New Language Leader Pre-intermediate


GSE 32 - 47

CEF A2 - B1

New Language Leader Intermediate


GSE 42 - 57

CEF A2+ - B1+

New Language Leader Upper Intermediate

Upper Intermediate

GSE 55 - 72

CEF B1+ - B2+

New Language Leader Advanced


GSE 70 - 82

CEF B2+ - C1

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