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GSE: 24 - 81

CEFR: A1 - C2

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Favoured by many ELT teachers, Market Leader uses articles from the?Financial Times?and authentic listening material to create relevant English lessons that are rooted in how language is actually used. Learn about business as you learn English!?

Market Leader at a glance

With Market Leader, students develop the practical skills they’ll need to work effectively in the business world. Having a good command of English will increase their chances of succeeding in their chosen field.

  • Market Leader is based on the principle that students should deal with as much authentic content as their language allows. It has been designed to bring the real word of international business into your language classroom.
  • Clear structure, easy-to-use material, strong focus on business skills.
  • Authentic reading texts and challenging content (from the?Financial Times)
  • Authentic recordings and relevant listening practice (recorded transcripts from business leaders worldwide).
  • Stress on communication skills for key business areas, such as presentations, negotiations, meetings, etc.
  • Case-study commentaries at the end of each chapter with expert views on each case.
  • Working across cultures?sections to develop students’ intercultural awareness.

What's new in Market Leader Extra?

New Business Skills lessons that appear every three units: negotiating, presentations, writing e-mails, telephoning, teleconferencing, small talk, meetings and interviews.

New audio to accompany the new lessons.

New video resources and worksheets on the Course Book DVD-ROM.

New teacher’s material available online and on the Active Teach.

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Unique features

Market Leader Premier Site, available via online subscription, is the perfect supplementary resource for your class. Brand new, ready-made lessons are uploaded each week, keeping your students up to date with the latest stories from the business world. What’s more, a searchable archive of over 1,000 lessons allows you to select from a wide variety of business topics.

Supplementary specialist titles for:?Accounting & Finance, Business Law, Human Resources, Logistics Management, Marketing, Working Across Cultures and Business Grammar & Usage.

User-friendly teacher’s resources?allow you to prepare your lessons in minimal time. Benefit from ready-made tests, lesson plans and additional practice exercises.

Market Leader Advanced

Market Leader Extra


GSE: 24 - 36

CEF: A1 - A2

Market Leader Pre-intermediate

Market Leader Extra


GSE: 32 - 46

CEF: A2 - B1

Market Leader Elementary

Market Leader Extra


GSE: 42 - 57

CEF: A2+ - B1 +

Market Leader Intermediate

Market Leader Extra

Upper intermediate

GSE: 55 -70

CEF: B1+ - B2+

Market Leader Upper Intermediate

Market Leader Extra


GSE: 68 - 81

CEF: B2+ - C1


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