Intelligent Business

Business English course material

CEFR: A1 - C2

Intelligent Business is a range of Business English course material that includes components specifically designed to meet the requirements of students who need to learn about business in English or perform familiar tasks in English. Intelligent Business includes informative and authentic material from?The Economist.

Main features

  • Course components: Course book (12 units), Workbook, Skills Book, Active Teach and Teacher’s Book.
  • Attractive layout with a calm, professional look and feel.
  • Topic-based approach provides an accessible introduction to key business concepts.
  • Benchmarked alongside the Cambridge?BEC exam?suite.?
  • The?workbook?consolidates the language learned in the course book by providing grammar, vocabulary and skills practice.?
  • The?Career Skills?section develops general communicative skills such as managing appraisals, taking responsibility, debating and much more.?
  • The?teacher’s book?with Test master CD-ROM includes lesson plans, a resource bank and a variety of adaptable tests.

Consider Intelligent Business if:

  • your students are having difficulty understanding business-related concepts as well as English
  • you are looking for flexible material suitable for an extensive or short business course
  • your students need additional practice for exams, includying BEC and BULATS
  • you are looking for a course that is topic-based, with accessible introduction to key concepts in business
  • you need to blend the development of language skills with the introduction of business concepts

Intensive course with Intelligent Business

Are you looking for an option for students who are already working, but need an extra practice in English?

Choose Skills Book.?

Intelligent Business?Skills Book?is a self-contained intensive business programme for 30 hours of teaching.

Extensive course with Intelligent Business

Are you looking for an option for students who are starting to learn about business?

Choose Coursebook + Workbook.

Intelligent Business Elementary


Intelligent Business Pre-intermediate


Intelligent Business Intermediate


Intelligent Business Upper Intermediate

Upper Intermediate

Intelligent Business Upper Intermediate


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