The Global Scale of English (GSE)

GSE is a scoring system that works on more granular level than any other measurement of proficiency currently available for English language learning. It places learners at a precise point on a scale from 10 to 90 with scores that are firmly rooted in real life so that English learners can clearly see what they can achieve at every level.

The Global Scale of English will allow you to measure progress accurately and easily. Our ultimate ambition is to provide learners – wherever they are in the world – with the answers to these questions:

  • How good is my English?
  • Am I progressing?
  • What do I need to do next?
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The scale itself

The GSE is aligned to other scales such as the?Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)?and high-stakes tests such as?IELTS?and?TOEFL. You can use the Global Scale of English to guide your learning no matter what your ultimate goal is.

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Are you interested to learn more anout the Global Scale of English? Invite our consultant for a brief presentation at your school or institute.

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The Global Scale of English Learning Objectives

The GSE Learning Objectives describe what a learner should be able to do at every point on the Global Scale of English. They are an open access resource for teachers and learners worldwide to use to help create their own courses and syllabuses and plan their own personal path to English proficiency.You can download the tailored learning objectives, including?Adult Learners, Academic English and Professional English for free from the GSE companion website.?

More about GSE

The Global Scale of English Teacher Toolkit

The?Global Scale of English?Teacher Toolkit?will save you time and improve the quality and relevance of your English classes. It gives you fast access to?GSE Learning Objectives, grammar and vocabulary to help you plan lessons at the right level for your students. Best of all,?it's completely free to use.?

Teacher Toolkit

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